lunes, 9 de julio de 2012


Long time no see you! It's been hard times for me lately. A lot of changes and no stability at all. I've been busy redesigning my life and trying to become the guy I want to be, or rather to find out who I want to be, far from the past mistakes and fleeing of the sadness they brought. There's been a lot of hard work, a lot of challenges and even more disappointments, but I think I´ll leave the details to the next post (will be soon, I promise).

For now I wanted to talk about one of the elements that have been crucial for me to survive through all that journey, the key without which it would have been impossible to see the white light at the end of the blackness of the worst moments. Friends are so complicated... It's so hard to distinguish when this kind of love is conditioned or unconditional. Fortunately hard times has the property of revealing that truth, either painful or not. Only a few have passed this test for me and they know who they are. I am at the gates of the biggest change in my life, at the moment in which I will have to say goodbye to almost everything I love and I think it's time to be grateful. Sometime ago I was that kind of person that doesn't treasure that unconditional love, I used to be that kind of conditional friend myself... But I believe that mistakes are more valuable than successes. That's what my friends have taught me.

This is a little token of appreciation for one of the best.