martes, 7 de febrero de 2012

Forever alive

I write a lot lately, more than I draw unfortunately. If I have a dream I put it down in the paper as soon as I open the eyes, and I try to spend a while everyday writing about all the things that make my head burn. It makes problems easier to perceive and helps me to direct and understand feelings. This drawing was supposed to be an illustration for one of these writings and my first idea was to put it here under the words. However some time ago I was told that the power of an illustration by itself must consist mainly in the ability (and the hability) to get rid of the text, and that this power would be underrated and even overturned if you don't pay attention to this principle. Anyway, I think this particular image, besides not being as good as I would like, doesn't need any additional info to get a meaning. Whatever you think it is, make it yours.

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