lunes, 5 de diciembre de 2011

The responsibility of power

I remember when I was younger I used to spent the day reading all that comic books about people with superpowers (well, I´m still young and I still read them :D) like this one, Spiderman. But he was special in certain aspects, he wasn´t the common superhero just fighting the bad guys for the sake of mere justice, he was someone who mainly had a life he wanted to protect. Actually Peter sometimes hated his identity and powers because of the harm that they were causing to his people. I remember I thought that my life was boring, that I wanted to have a double life, protecting my family and friends without them knowing. I wanted to have a great power to have a great responsibility.
Those were times when that kind of literature was seen as pure entertainment for kids. Now that these kids are not kids anymore we begin to understand that this stories are another way of human expression, upstanding as everyone else and with a huge moral content.
Now I don´t want powers anymore because I already have them, as well as a great responsibility. Things that make people trust you, love you, things that make them wanting to be by your side, these are your powers and of course, your biggest responsibility. And if you find yourself looking at your reflection in a mirror and you feel there is something wrong, you should think what is about because this is your spider sense tingling.

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  1. You´re Fucking Right. Those powers are the most important thing in life.