sábado, 3 de diciembre de 2011

The White Whale

I made this picture over a year ago for an illustration class that the great illustrator Tomás Hijo was giving at my university. Actually he is still giving it and if you are studying here at the University of Salamanca and you are interested on illustration applied to books, comic, advertising or almost any aspect of this discipline I strongly recommend you to consider attending to his classes, or at least, taking a minute to glance at his Tumblr. He is not only a very talented artist, which is something that I don´t have to say many times for you to believe if you click on the link above, but he is something that is a lot more complicated to find here where I study, a very good teacher. The common kind of teacher that can be found here is that who wanders around all the paintings and very rarely speaks with you, only to say things like "fuck the painting", "paint like you were cooking" or "use that goddamned bitch pink". He is always talking with every alumni, offering you all the options and never pushing you to his own territory. He doesn´t prepare you to be a bohemian rat but so to be a professional artist.
This picture was about a book cover illustration for which I choose Moby Dick. I read the novel after listening to the sludge metal band Mastodon´s masterpiece "Leviathan" and I fell in love with all the concepts and ideas found on it. That fight for revenge of one man against nature, humanity against God Himself... Very inspiring.

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  2. I'm very impressed by this painting, I've never seen a whale as furious as this one :P you know that if Mastodon (or the sea shepherd conservation society) saw this they would hire you without any hesitation...
    Keep this updated!! I'm wondering which picture will be next.

  3. Thanks Miss Duplantier! But I´m not so sure about Sea Shepherd hiring someone who talks and draws about whale hunting :P
    I´ll keep it updated, I promise!
    PS You know I love whales ;)