viernes, 2 de diciembre de 2011

Zombie worker plus dispensable reading

Hello everybody! I´ve always been that sort of internet vampire, picking and collecting knowledge from everywhere and never contributing myself but criticizing people from the comfort of my chair. I always thought that all of this was about ego and licking oneself ass and never stop thinking that I wouldn´t be any of what I am without all of that blogs, forums and generous people. Besides, I was waiting to be "good enough" to get the courage to show my own work to such an incredible community of artist worldwide. But recently I´ve passed through one of that events in life that made you look over all your beliefs and ways of thinking. During the last years I had the best teacher in that philosophy by my side. Tried to put across me that sharing and expressing oneself wasn´t a matter of pure selfish as I always believed, but I never heard. Now that that person is not with me anymore I have had time to think over all that I could have learned and I did not, and I feel stupid. From now, I will try to seize my life from day to day and do the things that I want without waiting for a tomorrow that may never come. As they said, better later than never.
And with all that crap said, here comes a quick sketch that I made some time ago which was meant to be some kind of "zombie series" that, like many others, was left on this single piece. Comments and critics are very welcomed. Hope you like it!

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